Meet Our Pastors​

We stand for practical Christian excellence. Our focus is to bring this excellence to manifestation in the lives of our members through the ministration of the undiluted word of God. 
Pastor Olayinka Olaniyan is the Senior Pastor at The Lord’s Heritage.

“ Pastor Olayinka Olaniyan is passionate about teaching God’s word with emphasis on encouraging Christians to take their faith as a relationship with God and not a religion. His mission is to break down the wall of tradition that men have built around Christianity so that people could have unfettered relationship with God, just as He has ordained it. ”

Pastor Olayinka Olaniyan

Senior Pastor

Pastor Olubukola Olaniyan is passionate about the worship ministry and mobilizing women. God is using her greatly in both areas. In addition to her pastoral role, she coordinates the Women of TLH and the Church choir – A Sound from Heaven

Pastor Olubukola Olaniyan

Associate Pastor